The Phantom

(First posted Monday, March 19, 2007)

This 1977 photograph is of Jean Paul Fortom-Gouin, dubbed ‘The Phantom’ by Australian anti-whaling activist Jonny Lewis. The young Australian met the Frenchman in Canberra in June 1977 while protesting at a meeting of the International Whaling Commission.

Jonny Lewis took this image from a Zodiac inflatable while chasing Australia’s last whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean off Western Australia. In the background is the Cheynes II one of three whale chaser ships.

(c) Copyright Jonny Lewis


2 Responses to “The Phantom”

  1. sarah toa Says:

    this is such a cool photo

    • chrispash Says:

      I’ve had to resurrect The Last Whale blog on WordPress. Blogger shutdown for “malware”. Rubbish! The net result was two years of work lost. I’m now reposting the major stuff.

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