Save The Whale T-Shirt

(First Posted Saturday, March 8, 2008)

The Ying and Yang whale motif created by the Whale & Dolphin Coalition in 1977 as part of a campaign of nonviolent direct action against Australia’s last whaling station in Albany, Western Australia.

The whales on the t-shirt have the box noses of sperm whales, the type of whale being hunted by Australia at that time.

‘Close Cheynes’ is a reference to the Cheynes Beach Whaling Company, the last whaling company in Australia.

The Whale & Dolphin Coalition brought to Australia Canadian Bob Hunter, Greenpeace’s first president, to lend his expertise honed in the North Pacific against the Soviet whaling fleet … using Zodiac inflatable boats to put people between harpoons and whales. The Whale & Dolphin Coalition later morphed into Greenpeace Australia
Classic ‘Save The Whale’ t-shirt (below) created in 1977 during the campaign to close Australia’s last whaling station. The t-shirt was worn, and is still owned, by Aline Charney Barber during the nonviolent direct action campaign in Albany, Western Australia.


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One Response to “Save The Whale T-Shirt”

  1. Tim Mckinnon Says:

    Hi Chris,

    pre dot com memorabilia! It must be time to resurface the interview you did with Brian a ways back.

    I would like to do a remix with pics and turn it into a video.

    Any events coming up?


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