Review – NOVA Magazine

( First Posted Friday, October 3, 2008 )

The book, The Last Whale by Chris Pash and published by Fremantle Press in October 2008, is the subject of a two-page spread in Nova magazine. The article dives deep into the events of 1977, the original Save the Whale protest and the battle for Australia’s last whaling station and then relates this to the current anti-whaling campaign in the Antarctic against Japan’s whaling fleet.

Journalist Lisette Kaleveld writes in Nova magazine: ‘Like a helicopter, he circles the scene, takes a wider view, then skillfully drops in an out of the minds of the whalers, protesters, even the Prime Minister. Importantly, Chris gives appropriate weight to the whalers themselves. Chris animates them as characters and he doesn’t ignore the heroism in their lives.”

The article Chasing Truth says: ‘The book … is more than a local history; it’s an account of how we as a nation changed our mind about whaling. It traces the momentum of a campaign and all its flow on effects … ‘

November 20, 2008, is the 30th anniversary of Australia harpooning its last whale, a female sperm whale in the Southern Ocean off Albany, Western Australia.

The 1977 direct action against the last whaling fleet in the English-speaking world was Greenpeace’s first in Australia.


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