The 1977 Direct Action Crew

30th Anniversary of Greenpeace in Australia

Some members of the original team who were a part of the first Greenpeace direct action in Australia gathered in Sydney in September, 2007, 30 years after the campaign against Australia’s last whaling station at Albany, Western Australia.

At a function to honour the Greenpeace Australia co-founders, Jonny Lewis ( dedicated the night to the memory of Fernando Pereira, the photographer who was killed in the 1985 bombing of the Rainbow Warrior.

Also remembered was the late Bob Hunter (, a Greenpeace founder, who came from Canada to Australia in 1977 to lend his expertise honed in the North Pacific against the Soviet whaling fleet.

Pictured left to right:

Jodi Adams, the first coordinator of Greenpeace in Australia;
Richard Jones,
animal rights campaigner who registered Greenpeace in Australia;
Steven Jones,
a member of the 1977 direct action team;
Tom ‘two harpoon’ Barber who piloted a Zodiac during the first direct action;
Chris Pash (hogging the microphone) who reported on the direct action in 1977 and who has written a book, The Last Whale, about the campaign;
Jean-Paul Fortom-Gouin
who financed, planned and piloted a Zodiac at the first campaign;
Jonny Lewis who planned the direct action, piloted a Zodiac and who formed the Whale and Dolphin Coalition which morphed into Greenpeace Australia;
American Pat Rose Farrington
who was a key figure in the 1977 protest at the gates of Australia’s last whaling station;
Canadian Bobbi Hunter, Greenpeace’s first treasurer and the first woman to place herself in front of a harpoon, and who played a key role in the 1977 direct action in Australia;
Aline Charney Barber, a member of the 1977 anti-whaling direct action team.

– Chris Pash


(First Posted Monday, October 15, 2007)


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