The Protest at the Gates

Pat Rose Farrington (Centre) at the gates of the Cheynes Beach Whaling Company, protesting against the last whaling station in Australia. Albany, Western Australia, August 28, 1977 (Copyright 1977. All Rights Reserved. Jonny lewis Collection)

 From The Last Whale, Chapter Ten ‘At The Gates’: “Pat (Rose) Farrington was at the centre of the crowd of banner-carrying anti-whaling activists, while floating at the back was the life-sized blow-up plastic Miss Cachalot … “

Protest at Australia's last whaling station August 28, 1977 (Copyright 1977. Jonny lewis Collection. All Rights Reserved)

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One Response to “The Protest at the Gates”

  1. Joy Usher Says:

    I have been reading Chris Pash’s The Last Whale and have found it to be both informative and moving in its documentation of both sides of the whaling dispute. I am very interested to know the time of day on 28th August 1977 that Bob and Bobbi Hunter landed on shore in the Zodiac to join the demonstrators at the Cheynes Beach Whaling Company car park. Does Chris have or remember this information?

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